Credits and loans

Credits for businesses

We help legal entities (whose shareholders may be EU and non-EU citizens), to obtain business loans (credits):

Loans (credits) for investments

These are loans intended for the acquisition of long-term property – equipment, machinery, buildings or premises. The loan comprises 70–100 % of the investment value (subject to the mortgage and whether the INVEGA or ŽŪPGF guarantee is applied); generally, the objects being purchased are mortgaged and the loan is granted for up to 12 years with the interest rate ranging from 0.15 %, provided that the INVEGA loan interest compensation is applied.

Loans (credits) for circulating assets

These include loans, credit lines and overdrafts, intended for the purchasing of raw materials, products or services. The loans are granted for up to 3 years; the amount depends on the mortgage and finance at hand, with the interest rate from 0.15 %, provided that the INVEGA loan interest compensation is applied.

Refinancing of loans

We help restructure the existing obligations towards banks and other finance institutions: to extend the loan period, to modify the repayment schedules in consideration of the seasonal effect and to increase the loan amount.


We help with the leasing the long-term property such as machinery, equipment and vehicles as well as immovable property. The leasing amount comprises up to 100 % of the value of the object leased, if additional mortgage is provided; the leasing period may extended for up to 7 years and the annual interest rate starts from 0.15 %, provided that the INVEGA loan interest compensation is applied.

Microcredit for new starting businesses

Paskolų Brokeris helps obtain loans and crediting for new starting businesses (start-ups), i. e. companies newly founded (operating for up to 1 year) or individuals working under a business certificate or individual activity certificate. Mostly, we help such companies obtain microcredits. A microcredit is a loan up to 25,000 Eur aimed at supporting small and medium businesses and extended under preferential terms. The loan may be used for circulating assets as well as for investments and may be offered for up to 10 years.

Loans with Invega and ŽŪPGF guarantees; compensation of interests

Seeking to optimise the investment of customers’ own funds (even when there is no mortgage, the share of own funds may comprise 10–15 % only) and the financial costs, the majority of loans obtained with the assistance of the company are insured using the guarantees of UAB Investicijų ir Verslo Garantijos (Investment and Business Guarantees, INVEGA) or UAB Žemės Ūkio Garantijų Fondas (Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund). Seeing that the guarantee amount comprises up to 90 % of the loan or credit, less mortgage is required for the bank and often just the property being purchased suffices. When guarantees are obtained, interests are also compensated up to 95 % (we help get such compensations even when INVEGA insurance is not contracted).