EU support

UAB Paskolų Brokeris provides qualified assistance in obtaining the EU support. More than 40 undertakings from different regions of Lithuania have successfully used the services of the company (some of them – for 2–3 times). Among the customers, EU aid administered by the National Paying Agency under the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 is the most popular. Our customers generally use the following types of support:

  1. Support for setting-up of young farmers.
  2. Support for agricultural modernisation (support for farmers and agriculture companies)
  3. Support for establishing business in rural areas (support for companies already operating or newly founded, for developing business in rural areas)
  4. Support for investments aimed at creating and developing economic activities.

Customers willing to obtain the EU support are offered the following services:

  • qualified advice helping to decide on the type of support needed – free of charge;
  • drawing up of applications, business plans and other necessary documents;
  • administration of projects, which received the support – free of charge.

We apply a very flexible pricing: after preparing the project, you pay up to 20 % of the total price; the remaining portion of the price is paid only if the project is granted support. Moreover, the customers do not have to worry about the project financing – we help obtain the crediting from banks or other finance institutions. EU support for environmental protection projects administered by the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund (LAAIF). We also draw up applications and business plans for LAAIF grants and preferential credits, consult and administer the projects. Flexible pricing applied.